How to Choose the Correct Sized Lampshade for Your Lamp

We've put together a short video to help you choose the right sized lampshade for your lamp base.

It can be tricky to know what size of lampshade is required to fit your lamp base. If it is too small, you risk your lamp base dominating the look, too large, and the lamp base gets swamped. So, we've put together a short video that demonstrates a nifty little trick we use to help us find the perfect fit!

1. Measure your lamp

Take a measurement of your lamp base height from the base to the stem.

2. Measure your lampshade

The base diameter of your lampshade should be approximately the same as the lamp base height.

3. Choose the right size shade carrier or harp

Choose a shade carrier (EU and UK) or finial harp (US) that allows your lampshade to sit just high enough that about an inch of lamp stem is visible.

See our Lampshade Size Guide for full measurements of our lampshades, and advice on finding the right shade carrier (UK) or finial harp fitting (US) to complete the look.