“It’s all about creating a space of feeling and unique personality. There is no right or wrong.”

Founder and world-renowned interior designer Penny Morrison has always had a knack for creating harmonious spaces through seemingly clashing combinations. Pairing unexpected pieces, patterns and palettes, her designs are a visual feast brimming with colour and exuding spontaneity and sophistication in equal measure.

Evolving from Penny’s uncanny talent, our collection is built on the belief that there is no rule book when it comes to interior design. Through our eclectic pieces, we hope to encourage people to embrace the freedom of styling their own space and to take a bolder approach when using pattern and colour in home decor.

We work with highly-talented artisans from around the world including India, Italy, Spain and Colombia who bring our designs to life. Creating contemporary pieces using age-old techniques, we seek to support the craftsmen and women in these rural communities, and to help sustain the intricate skills passed on through generations. Embodying a bohemian sense of non-conformity, our collection is not tied down to a specific look or aesthetic. The pieces are designed to blend with all personal tastes – to embellish, accent and amplify, and to help create a unique home, in whatever style that may be.

While our fabric and wallpaper collections harmoniously bring together inspiration from cultures and histories around the world, Penny Morrison is at its heart a British brand. We are proud to be a part of the rich and thriving textile industry in the United Kingdom and to work with some of the best mills and printers around the country.