Lamps & Lampshades

Frequently asked questions about our lamp bases and lampshades.

What are the recommended finial harp sizes for Penny Morrison lampshades (US)?

8"-12" lampshade - built-in carrier

14" lampshade - 7" finial harp

16" lampshade - 8" finial harp

18" lampshade - 9" finial harp

20"-22" lampshade - 10" - 11" finial harp

What is the difference between US and UK lamp base fittings?

The US and the UK have different requirements for plugs, wiring, maximum wattage, and lamp fittings. We offer lamps that are fitted with fittings compatible either with US or UK requirements. It is also important to note that US and UK lamps require differing fittings/carriers to support a lampshade.

What is the difference between UK/EU and US lampshade fittings?

US lamps require a finial harp fitting to support a lampshade. UK and EU lamps require a shade carrier to support a lampshade. Find our lampshade size guide here.

Can I use my lampshade for pendant lights?

Yes! All of our Pembroke style lampshades from 14" base diameter and larger can be adapted for use as ceiling pendant shades. For UK lampshades, you will need to source a spider fitting instead of a shade carrier.

How are your lampshades measured in size?

The Penny Morrison lampshades are measured by the base diameter in inches. Please find our Lampshade Size Guide here.

What are the recommended shade carrier sizes for the Penny Morrison lampshades (UK)?

8"-12" lampshades - built-in carrier

14" lampshades - 4" shade carrier

16" lampshades - 5" shade carrier

18" lampshades - 6" shade carrier

20"-22" lampshades - 7"-8" shade carrier