Penny Morrison
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About Us

An internationally renowned interior designer for over thirty- five years, Penny Morrison’s highly personal interiors are pretty and relaxed though artfully conceived.

She layers antique and new furniture, fabrics and paintings to compose an undecorated look. Nine years ago she developed her own collection of fabrics - ‘floppy linens’ when she had difficulty finding curtain and upholstery designs that she really loved.

Penny has always travelled the world sourcing decorative pieces for her interior clients and with Carolina Irving she launched a highly sought-after collection of decorative home accessories under the name Irving & Morrison. Carolina and Penny have decided to pursue separate interests, but Penny continues to develop the collection with a view to widening the range of products for the home.

Penny’s fabrics and accessories are sold through the Chelsea Showroom and the fabrics are also sold world-wide.

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